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Gutschker - Dongus
Gutschker - Dongus

Artificial Grass Courts

Gutschker-Dongus landschaftsarchitekten - Freilandökologie - engineers in Odernheim am Glan is one of the largest regional employers in the planning and service "in the green area". From a two-man operation in 1995, the agency has developed now become a medium-sized enterprises. Our office is divided into six departments with a focus on space object planning / structural engineering, landscape planning, urban planning, animal ecology / biodiversity, environmental construction and spatial data processing.

Since, it is determined with the digital plan and opinion editor of the business location no longer a central city location, we were able to achieve our "growth" in a rural environment. This development was encouraged by the existing in Odernheim fast DSL access.

Therefore, our office also serves as an example for the modern rural structural change in the living and working on the land is possible again. Our employees must therefore do not spend their free time with the "mainstream" every morning and evening in a traffic jam. Short distances and a scenic and culturally attractive environment featuring our office location.

Since 2009 we have our premises based in the main road 34 in the center or home. The house is on the list Welker preservation worthy buildings from Odernheim. The former structure dates from the 16th to 17th centuries. In 1904, the property for butchers and butcher the Welker family was rebuilt. In this state, it remained largely unchanged until today.

In the year 2011, we mitbezogen due to employee growth, the directly adjacent neighboring building (Mayhaus). There, the Department of Animal Ecology / species conservation is mainly housed.

In 2013 we demolished the adjacent barn and dilapidated buildings and cultivated a modern new building on the Welker house. Completion incl. Outside facilities in the summer of 2014. 18 employees in five offices have since taken their new workplace. The new building has enabled us to build a groundbreaking architecture in a historic center without destroying the charm of the village.

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