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Fritz Planung GmbH
Fritz Planung GmbH

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For more than 60 years, the Fritz Planung GmbH of solid and advanced partner public and private clients in all aspects of construction, infrastructure and public services. In 1951, as a privately owned company by Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Erwin Fritz with a focus on drinking water established, today solve about 90 employees from the fields of architecture, civil engineering, structural engineering, free system planning, interior design, heating, ventilation, sanitary and electrical engineering, technical building equipment, geology and geodesy all planning tasks around the issues of building, energy and technology. Our architects and engineers pursue their profession in awareness of their professional and ethical high responsibility towards their fellow human beings and the environment. These include technical competence and efficiency as well as sustainability and ecological activities. Building on this commitment planning of interdisciplinary teams are developed and implemented. Coordinated by experienced project managers emerge as designing strong, technically sound and efficient solutions. We handle large and complex projects as general planners and while pointing our attention to integrated planning that takes into account all aspects of modern technology. This holistic approach prevents frictional losses, creates cost transparency and quality. As a traditional medium-sized company, we continue to be a reliable partner for our customers. Fritz Planung GmbH - your planner

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