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With more than 90 national and international awards, Fast + Epp has established a reputation for fresh thinking. We are passionate about collaborating and exploring with architects, are enthusiastic about our work and enjoy the challenges we face.

Established in 1985, our firm has been involved with an extensive variety of public and private projects. Whether it is residential, commercial, institutional, or transit projects - all attest to our commitment to clever, practical design with meticulous attention to detail.

Fast + Epp is a 50 person strong firm that is fluent in all primary structural materials. We have become very adept at combining materials to form architecturally expressive structures and strive to add value whenever possible by having structural components do more than simply support loads – also doubling as acoustic elements, concealing mechanical/electrical components, serving as thermal mass and enhancing aesthetics.

Our Vancouver head office, coupled with our North American branch offices in Edmonton, New York and Seattle allow us to better serve our growing clientele, and our Frankfurt office enables us to cross-pollinate the best ideas Europe has to offer.

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Fast + Epp
201 - 1672 West 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J 1G1
Tel: (+1) 604-731-7412
URL: www.fastepp.com

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