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Even before the first 25years Fiber sand courts were built in England. Quite a few of them still exist today. Some of our employees have always been working for our company and convey your experience and knowledge to this day. Continuously new techniques for the production, installation and maintenance as well as the renovation will be integrated so that the fiber sand technology until today one of the leading turf base course materials in sports turf field. New products that have been developed over time, focus on the needs of the modern sports is owed to conserve power loss and physique of the players. A continuous further development process that runs in close collaboration between our groundsman, our soil laboratory and our production specialists who guarantee an ever better nascent product that continuously adapts the customer's requirements.

With our partners, we maintain our own soil laboratory, soil biology laboratory, employ highly qualified employees from the plant vegetation technique Greenkeeping, production engineering, project management, sports fields and have a powerful machinery which makes customer-oriented also in the seasonal peaks and work effectively us.

We see our task in the preservation and improvement of green spaces. With innovative technologies and strong partners, we are working hard every day to present our customers with high-value, modern troubleshooting

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