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Ernst + Partner Landscape BDLA
Ernst + Partner Landscape BDLA

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For over 35 years, precisely since 1977, there is the landscape architecture bureau Ernst & Partner already. With a focus on project planning, especially home gardens, parks and open spaces, Helmut Ernst once dared the leap into self-employment. Much has happened since.

The first major step was the more than 50 village renewal concepts and resulting individual projects for Eifel, Moselle and Hunsrück communities that have the team around Helmut Ernst until the mid-80s in the meantime 14 employees grow.

Increasingly, followed by other urban and ecologically-oriented projects that extended the capabilities of the office continuously. Also on the technical side is doing what: In the mid-90s was changed in connection with the planning for the National Garden Show in Magdeburg (1999) on digital processing using CAD (Computer Aided Design).

Definitively, the agency established by winning the competition and the design contract for the State Garden Show in Trier (2004). This is followed by increasingly nationwide jobs and also those in neighboring Luxembourg.

Participation in public competitions is made of many ways an important part of our work. In addition to the challenge of innovative implement interesting tasks, always offer namely straight contests has the chance to stay on the cutting edge. verall, the agency Ernst & Partner has successfully taken part in public competitions since its inception. Namely, with the following results: 24 first prizes and about 65 further placements.

Since March 2004, the long-serving employees Winfried Scherf and Stefan Jacobs co-partner of Ernst + Partner offices are. The team now consists of a total of nine employees.

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Ernst + Partner Landscape BDLA
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