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Innovative design meets integrative overall concepts: the public space, we understand as a stage, built on the ever new forms of life and everyday culture. Especially urban sports to conquer the cities and are identifying challenges and developing and increasing opportunities.

Since 2006, our goal is therefore to design unique systems with maximum functionality and individual design. At the same time we strive for a symbiosis with the respective urban and topographical conditions.

Due to our more than 20 years, active link to the skateboarding and parkour scene we interpret urban architecture with a special eye for materials and forms, as well as potential uses. This combination paired with expertise allows us to meet the needs of the relevant area to come in and at the same time optimally implement the requirement of users.

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DSGN concepts
DSGN concepts
Hafenweg 31,48155
Munster, Germany
Tel: +49 251 961915 - 73
URL: www.dsgn-concepts.de

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