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CENO Membrane Technology GmbH
CENO Membrane Technology GmbH

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Since the beginning of tensioned membrane structures in the 70s, Ceno Tec has become one of the leading specialists in the field of textile structures and has established themselves as one of the market leaders.
Ceno Tec builds high-tech, customized textile structures worldwide, in particular for sports and event venues as well as shade structures. In combination with steel and steel cable support structures, it makes highly resilient yet intricately styled roof and facade structures made of architectural membranes. Materials used are PVC-coated polyester fabrics, PTFE-coated glass fabrics or ETFE sheeting. It is distinctive aesthetic quality, translucence and lightness which make this tension membrane structures so fascinating. Fabric structures need only short planning and installation lead times, are cost-effective to implement and are highly durable.

We help and support architects from the initial draft through to the execution planning stage of any membrane architecture projects. As a specialist, we offer our contract partners an extensive package which can incorporate all necessary engineering services for your fabric structures, as well as supply and assembly of the substructure. Based on our wealth of experience, we are aware of the typical issues in dealing with other construction trades and are able to provide expert advice and professional solutions.

For more than a decade, Ceno Tec has been the leader in Fabric roof structures also known as textile roofing.

Ceno Tec also offers functional and practical solutions for sound-proofing and flood protection. A mobile flood barrier made of a special technical fabric provides rapidly deployed flood protection. Mobile walls install fast, effective sound-proofing on building sites, at event venues, and wherever temporary sound protection is needed.

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