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bs 2 Architekten GmbH

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bs 2 Architekten GmbH
bs 2 Architekten GmbH

Curlinghalle Eckelmann-year-Rink Hamburg

Our capabilities include the design, technical and economic planning of baths / sports facilities, wellness / and rehabilitation facilities and administrative / industrial buildings in consideration of the technical equipment and the structural design, as well as counseling, care and monitoring during construction.

It is us, the processing of individual work phases up familiar to general planning and project management. We also provide advice, feasibility studies and analysis on location issues, remediation, energy management and efficiency.

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bs 2 Architekten GmbH
Ruhrstraße 11a
22761 Hamburg
Tel: +49 (0) 40-5391096-0
URL: www.bs2architekten.de

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