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We design and build sophisticated design, eco-friendly, with no implications for health, sustainable building materials and energy-saving technology.Interior and outdoor facilities also include planning offer amb.Reduce construction costs by 21% TA. Lowering fees TA by 20%.Lowering operating costs by approximately 40%.

The planned exhibition and office building with a ventilation system BELA, with approximately 90% heat recovery from the exhaust air, bewärmt and cooled. Electrically powered heater in the ventilation system of the same heat loss by about 10%. The same principle applies for the cooling. The proposed building can be with well water, via an electrically operated cooling coils, chilled. E- Heater generate hot water for kitchen and toilet facilities.

For example in 2014 built Altenheim with Bewärmung and cooling, thermostat controlled via a BELA. From Engineer TA was determined that in order to maintain the room temperature 25 degrees, from 19 degrees outside temperature must be cooled. Heating of the room by residents, TV and computer. Required cooling by opening the window. The strength of the thermal insulation of a building must be tailored to the capacity of BELA and the climatic conditions of the location. Dynamic Simulation.

The EnEV 2016 is a reference building for heating, hot water, ventilation and cooling prior to a maximum value for the annual primary energy requirement (Qp) and the transmission heat loss (H'R). The reference building is not equipped with a cooling system. The location of the building is not considered. The energy planning, proof according to EnEV for the NEH is not optimally perform the calculation methods above

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