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Landscape architecture, Sports ground planning

Berndorf Baderbau
Berndorf Baderbau

Sports ground planning

The office as an independent architectural firm for space and landscape planning we are located now in its third generation in the west of Cologne. Founded by Victor Calles, a pioneer of landscape architecture in North Rhine-Westphalia in 1926, the office was taken over in 1969 by Horst Victor Calles and successfully continued.

The end of 1997 the management was handed over to the 3rd generation. The plan focuses on still in the field of object and sports field planning.

But the approval and landscape planning form in terms of the new legislation an increasingly important part.

A powerful planning team with competent partners helps you to realize your ideas.

Through extensive knowledge of construction materials and plants, regulations and legislation, we achieve the best results in the design of your freedom, whether home gardens, sports grounds or landscaping.

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Berndorf Baderbau
Calles ° De Brabant
Friedhofsweg 21, 50259
Pulheim, Germany
Tel: 02234 - 4332 - 0
URL: www.cdeb.de

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