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BAUCONZEPT® Planungsgesellschaft mbH

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BAUCONZEPT® Planungsgesellschaft mbH
BAUCONZEPT® Planungsgesellschaft mbH

Ochsenfurt Sports Hall

After the end of textile production in 1990 took Bauconzept ® 1991 in three rooms of the former knitwear factory "Max L. Wax" in Lichtsteiner Bachgasse its work. The successful work of the consultants and the ongoing boom in the construction industry made ??1994 first fiscal expansion necessary. Bauconzept expanded and the fiscal house was henceforth only used by engineers and architects. Finally, the company was 2005 Bauconzept ® to Planungsgesellschaft mbH.

Today, employ more than 100 engineers / -Innen, architect / -Innen and technical staff / -inside with an interdisciplinary planning, ranging from architecture, structural engineering on the design of building services through to urban planning and landscape architecture. As a responsible general planner assumes Bauconzept ® largely true all coordination and coordination tasks for its clients.

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BAUCONZEPT® Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Bachgasse 2,
09350 Lichtenstein/Sachsen,
Tel: +49 37204 670-0
URL: www.bauconzept.com

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