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With extensive know-how and tradition, we serve the entire chain of the market, from our loyal readers, architects, designers, designers and technical consultants, the supplier of materials and services industry. We have in our portfolio the PROJETOdesign magazines, FINESTRA and portal ARCO . The PROJETOdesign presents key trends and references for professionals in architecture. Publishes monthly with large images, plans and sections, the best of national and international production, in addition to discussions about the profession, interviews, technical subjects and news. it FINESTRA runs every two months with the best technology applied to architecture and construction , with details of facades, roofs and structures. Technical drawings, interviews with consultants, designers and suppliers, new materials and construction systems are the root of publication. It also has an exclusive section on eco-efficiency, sustainability and energy efficiency. The ARCO Portal brings together in its pages, the full content of both magazines and publishes daily news on broad national and international architecture projects. Industry leaders, the three publications of Arco Editorial form a complete system of information to the market. History Founded in 1992 by journalist Arlindo Mungioli with relevant passages by respected newspapers and magazines, Arco Editorial Ltda. He adopted as his first major objective the rescue of one of the most important brands of the Brazilian architectural scene: the 'Project' magazine. With administration needs and with the acquisition of the magazine 'Design & Interiors', another prominent title of the market, came the first great revolution in the publishing industry environment. The merger between 'Project' and 'Design & Interiors' in 1996 architects brought a new magazine, which favored the clean, bold editorial design, large images and impeccable quality graphics. The PROJETOdesign magazine continues today this mission. In 1999, at the premiere of Brazilian publishing projects on the Internet, it launched the site of PROJETOdesign magazine, a pioneer in the publication of projects in digital format in the country. In 2002, the site gained new name: Arcoweb. A year later, in 2003, the Arc has acquired another major title this scenario, FINESTRA magazine, which now has in its DNA the same PROJETOdesign chart carefully, and part Arcoweb of the acquis. In 2008, FINESTRA underwent a major overhaul and one adopted its current editorial tripod:. Architecture, technology and eco-efficiency in 2012, joined the corporate body of Arco Editorial Ltda. directors Eduardo and Fernando Mungioli Mungioli, and a year later it launched the ARCO portal, landmark convergence between print and digital information produced by the publisher.

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Tel: (11) 3154-3838
URL: www.arcoweb.com.br

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