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AGN International GmbH
AGN International GmbH

Aurich Pool

The agn international GmbH is part of the privately-owned agn Niederberghaus & Partner company, which belongs to the leading designing companies in Germany with substantial experience in architectural design and general planning services.

GREEN Design | GREEN Technology:

Specialized in advanced GREEN engineering theory and techniques, with an early conceptual and interdisciplinary integration of sustainable engineering services and comprehensive technical concepts in terms of
sustainability | efficiency | energy

The agn international network is one of the largest independent engineering and consulting companies in Germany, offering design services with 1000+ professionals in a world-wide web of partners. Cooperating engineers in all divisions of architectural design, civil- structural- and environmental engineering as well as all important kinds of MEP Services.

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AGN International GmbH
Groner Allee 100
49479 Ibbenbueren
Tel: +49 5451 5901 - 0
URL: www.agn.de

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