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Due to the busy modern lifestyle, most people do not get the time to play their favourite sport during the day. Therefore most modern outdoor courts employ some form of artificial lighting. Specialising as we do in sport courts, sport lighting is a natural extension of our business.

Whether the requirement is for professional lighting, as with the Gulbarga Open (Men's Futures Tournament), where we installed lighting as per ITF guidelines for a televised tournament, or just plain simple lighting at your farmhouse court, we can handle it with ease.



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Indoor Flooring

Indoor Flooring

For Indoor sports flooring, two types of surfaces are in prevalence, i.e. synthetic and wooden, both of which are laid on plain concrete floors. We give brief details of each of these.

Crawley Town FC

Crawley Town FC

Squash is recognized by the IOC and remains in contention for incorporation in a future Olympic program. The court size was codified in the 1920s at 975 cm (32 feet) and 640 cm (21 feet) wide. The front wall has a "front wall line" 457 cm (15 feet) above the floor, connected by a raking "front" line meeting the "out" line on the back wall at 213 cm (7 feet) above the floor. The front wall also has a "service line" whose top is 183 cm (6 feet) above the floor with the "board" (the equivalent of a net) 48 cm (18.9 inches) high. The floor is marked with a transverse "half-court" line and further divided into two rear "quarter courts" and two "service boxes", as shown in the diagram below.

Synthetic Outdoor Courts

There are two components in the construction of synthetic courts, the asphalt base and the synthetic coating. Each is discussed below:

  • » Asphalt Base for Recreational Surface
  • » Synthetic Surfaces

We offer the following broad categories of Surfaces :

No. Name of System No. of layers Thickness
1 Rebound Eco System 2 NA
2 Rebound Synpave Non-Cushioned Surface 3 NA
3 Rebound Pro Classic Cushioned Surface 5 1 mm
4 Rebound Pro Superior Ultra Cushioned Surface  8 3 mm