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Domo® Sports & Leisure Grass is the artificial grass market leader in Belgium, its home market, and develops, produces and sells a broad range of artificial grass products for sports and leisure uses. Domo Sports & Leisure Grass does not just restrict itself to producing and selling artificial grass products - it also offers supervision and consultancy when it comes to choosing a support surface, and laying out and maintaining the artificial grass pitch.

All Domo Sports & Leisure Grass artificial grass products meet the specific requirements of their particular sport or recreational application. The products also comply with the demands and standards set by national and international sports associations and federations such as FIFA, UEFA, IRB and FIH. As an ISO-certified company, DOMO Sports & Leisure Grass strives to continually improve its production processes and services.


Thanks to a modern production unit, continuous quality control and a state-of-the-art laboratory, the products of Domo Sports & Leisure Grass are among the very best on the market. The fact they are used on the pitches of leading sports teams and clubs such as KV Club Brugge, RKC Waalwijk, FC Groningen, Lille Lambersart Iris Club, TC Wimbledon, Bloemendaal Hockey and Stade Toulousain Rugby consolidates Domo Sports & Leisure Grass' good reputation within the artificial grass product industry.

Domo Sports & Leisure Grass is based in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, and is part of Domo Industries which is active in three fields: chemicals and polymers, fibres and yarns, and floor coverings. With 2,900 employees and a yearly turnover of more than €950 million, Domo is one of Belgium's largest companies.

The three divisions within Domo Industries work closely together. One division produces the basis material (chemicals and polymers), another division develops the products (fibres and yarns), and the last division eventually produces the floor coverings. Domo Sports & Leisure Grass - as the only supplier in the artificial grass market - manages and controls the entire production process from polymer to artificial grass pitch.


Artificial grass football pitches by Domo Sports & Leisure Grass combine the comfort and safety of natural grass with low maintenance and extended usage. The risk of burns from sliding are minimised, and the ball rolls as if on natural grass.

The Domo Varioslide Excellence combines monofilament and fibrillated yarns in one tuft, thereby facilitating the advantages of the two yarn constructions: monofilament (to keep the artificial grass upright) and fibrillated (to ensure a good cover of the rubber infill). This combination ensures a unique, authentic grass blade look, with a natural green colour. Domo Sports Grass succeeded in producing the Varioslide yarn out of 100% PolyEthylene (PE), making the pitch supple and comfortable during play.


Domo Sports & Leisure Grass has a number of different FIFA 1 Star and FIFA 2 Star recommended pitches situated worldwide. These FIFA certificates, developed to standardise artificial turf quality and ensure the safety of players, identify the new generation of artificial grass products that are specifically suited for football.


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