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Key Products : Plastics for Seating Solutions, Tribune seating

Leirisit. Lda - Plastics for Seating Solutions, Tribune seating, Dynamic, Elegance, Compact, Design engineering and production Leirisit. Lda has its focus on innovation, up-to-date technology, and a demanding quality values. Years of ever-growing experience has allowed us to move forward with hi-tech advanced systems, specializing in plastic injection molding. Providing subcontracted services we offer a reliable and professional production.

Leirisit is the Seating Solutions department of CMS Plásticos S.A. and offers following products:

  • Solutions for seating
  • Tribune seating
  • Design engineering and production

Leirisit develops three variants of seating solutions christened Dynamic, Compact and Elegance. Each of these seating solutions is unique for its design and durability.

Ville de Levallois, France

Dynamic looks simple yet it is tougher than its counterparts in stadium seating. It is seriously damage resistant and can stay longer satisfying the venue’s long term requirements. It is a foldable design which visually appeals as well as it simultaneously serves best seating for a best arena. The ergonomically efficient design leaves comfort to audience and let them pay more attention to the show. The Dynamic seating structures from Leirisit also offer utmost customization in terms of seating color, array and delivery duration. Arena organizers can consult Leirisit for best in class suggestions in seating solutions for any venue construction from scratch. The shape, size and dimensions of each seat are perfected to a level where client cannot think of further alterations to these measurements. Color combinations are highly flexible to match one’s requirement. Leirisit’s Dynamic class seating solutions are selectively used in several venues that host sports and other casual activity as well across Europe, most prominent usage was at Levallois Perret, France.

Vandal resistance and maximum possible safety makes Dynamic a right choice over many.

Compact seating at ADOS

Leirisit’s Compact style seating design is really worth its name. It is a best combination of compactness with ergonomics of seating. It satisfies the seating requirements of an arena unlike anything else with better quality materials. The raw material quality as well as final output quality is evidently unparallel to any other seating solution that can compete with Compact seating. While the level of comfort is undisturbed compared to its adjacent brands, Dynamic and Elegance, the design is simple, tough and compact. Color selection is flexible again. Integrating Compact seats with an arena is easier and hence these varieties are particularly selected against many others in the seating market. Compact’s compact design invited several arena organizers across Europe to install them at arenas under their responsibility. Compact’s best arena till date has been ADOS..!!

Torres Vedras

Elegance is a best selling product in its class though it is not as revolutionary a design as Dynamic or Compact. Elegance has been a legion pick amongst seating solutions worldwide. Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of Leirisit’s Elegance has ever been its best material used, defining shapes and ultimate soft finish. It descends the classic ergonomics and appeal from its co-brands Compact and Dynamic. It suits any arena given color flexibility. It is simple to install and hence the organizer need not pay much attention to his seating if Elegance is his option. Elegance seating is vastly used across several arenas in Europe and Spain in particular. Several arenas in Spain that exclusively and selectively used Elegance are located at Altura, Ayuntamiento, Gandia, Luhmuhlen etc in Valencia province.

All the seating products from Leirisit Lda are FIRA, furniture testing and flammability testing authority, certified.

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