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Started 1999, first as 'Billi Edge Snooker parlor'. This Parlor was started to provide recreational and fun filled life to Coimbatore population. Then it started manufacturing Billiard Tables, Pool Tables, Medium Tables and Carrom Boards. In 2006, it was converted to Billi Edge Manufacturing Company. The guiding principle since then has been always "Quality Tables". Today one of the leading billiard table's manufacturers in the country both in terms of quality and volume. Propelled for growth, in 2009, Billi Edge manufacturing decided to go in for the exports and imports of tables and accessories from other foreign countries. Braving competition from leading manufacturers including multinationals, Billi Edge products and accessories gained quick market acceptance. The philosophy of Billi Edge Manufactures has been – "the quality of the finished products is always proportional to the Customers Satisfaction and Patronage". Their Foolproof "Quality Manufacturing" developed over the years ensures products of superior quality with competitive pricing and long lasting durability


It's what started the company and keeps it going today. The table's innovations have set industry standards for efficiency, economy and durability. With more patents over the life of the company, Billi’edge remains the leading innovator in the field.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Billi’edge first priority is to focus on the needs and requirements of their customers.


Billiard Table

Inspired by the timeless antiques, Billi’edge works on the true concepts of structure that articulates itself in the appeal of billiard tables and other billiard equipments. They produce themselves as the leading manufacturer, exporters and suppliers of styles consistent with the prevalent antiques and follow contemporary trends to craft products that are an immaculate mélange of the traditional and the modern. Artistically transforming finish and color options into dignified dashes of individual distinction.

Carrom boards

Carrom is a fun filled entertaining game that is relished by all age groups across several countries around the world. This particular indoor game has many little accessories with a very intuitive set of rules and regulations. Almost anyone could easily understand these rules and play without any issues. Carrom board is one among the critical accessories without which the game simply cannot be played. It comes in variety of sizes to cater various levels of tournaments as well as your requirements.

Medium Table

A medium table is the best way to go if you like a lot of different colors in one room. Since the table is such a large piece of furniture, the medium wood stain will bring harmony to any room.

When you're looking for medium stain pool and billiard tables, you'll find the best selection in Billi edge.

Pool Table

Every pool or billiards player, whether it is a hobby or sport, knows that choosing the right Medium Tables and billiards tables is an incredibly important process. When trying to decide on a design for a Medium Table, you have so many different options to go for with Billi’edge. A beautiful Medium Table is bound to be a welcome addition to your home and, if chosen properly, your new Medium Table will almost certainly increase the appeal of any room. Billi’edge offers you absolutely anything when it comes to billiards, snooker and Medium Tables.

At Billi’edge one can find the type of pool and billiards tables that will turn people green with envy.

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