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Sodex is a French manufacturer based in Vietnam that manufactures sports equipment, nets and accessories for manufacturer and wholesaler since 20 years. Sport products for competition and training: football/soccer, basketball, tennis, handball, badminton, volley ball, hockey and multisport.

21 years of activities in the field of manufacturing, supplying sport equipment. A deep possession of experiences and know how, a transfer of technology by Sodex's French Partners. Filmasport S.A & SARL Sodex International as well as after sale services are elements that contributes to obtain this level of quality.

Sodex has complete chain of production with 2 factories (9000M2) and 200 workers. 95% of Sodex's turnover is directed to Europe, America, and Australia. When customer talk about quality and quality control, Sodex will know what they mean.

For European market, Sodex has a 3,000 m warehouse of finished products to allow quick delivery and close assistance. With quality and safety, Sodex is present in most important international and regional sport events, such as FIFA World Cup, Australian Tennis Open, Paralympic Games, South East Asian Games, Football French league 1, etc.

Volleyball Posts

Sodex's volleyball posts are in accordance with EN 1271 is made of galvanized steel tube 90mm x 2,3mm. Height adjustment formen, ladies and juniors can be done at 2,1m, 2,24m, 2,35m, 2,43m respectively and all are delivered with ground sleeves.

Volleyball accessories

Volleyball accessories includes antennas long 1,80m velcro pockets, antennas velcro pocket, square protection pads, round protection pads, umpire chair, wall brackets and portable storage racks.

Field Hockey Goal

Sodex's field hockey goal is in accordance with EN 750 and French Code du sport regulations. It is made from 50mm x 2mm square galvanized steel of white powder coated at size: 3,66m x 2,14m and is delivered with PVC net hooks, 2 wheels and anchorage systems. The accessories with field hockey goal are portable goal with dismountable side with rear bars and hockey net.

Multi-function Goal

Sodex's multi-function goals are in accordance with French «Code du sport» regulations. These multi-function goals are made from galvanized square steel 80mm x 2mm with White powder coated.


Hand Ball Goal

Sodex's hand ball goals are in accordance with EN 749 and French Code du sport regulations. These are white or white/red powder coated at size: 3m x 2m and other sizes are delivered on request. Arches and ground bar are made from 34mm x 2 mm that are delivered with PVC net hooks and anchorage systems/ground sleeves. Importantly all the frames can be changed by monobloc frame that are painted. The training hand ball goal is of 80mm x 40mm x 2mm and white powder coated.

Foldable hand ball goal

Foldable hand ball goal are made from 80mm x 2mm square steel of white and red powder coated. Other colors are available on request. Foldable arches are made from 50mm x 1,5 mm and40mm x 2mm. 2 swivel wheels with safety pins. Locking system in this foldable hand ball goal is to stop and game position and is delivered with PVC net hooks. All of these frames are monobloc and can be changed by dismantled frame.

Hand Ball Goal Accessories

Hand Ball Goal Accessories are PVC hook, anchors for ground frame, galvanized ground sleeves and cover for training goals.

Flexible Basketball Ring Tennis Posts

Outdoor Basketball Stands

Sodex's basket ball stands (in accordance with EN1270) are in square galvanized steel tube 140mm x 3mm. Projection: 2,25m. These are available in directly concreted into the ground model and ground-fixed by footing pattern.

Wall mounted basketball goal

Wall mounted basketball goal supports are made of steel at projection: 0,6m.Crank handle, Wall fixed goal and Wall mounted goal, height adjustment of 2,60m - 3,05m are the special features of wall mounted basketball goal.

Basketball rings and nets

Basketball rings and nets have basketball rings that are made from 18mm full pipe, equipped with 12 hooks and nets are polypropylene white color with fixation cord.

Tennis Posts

Tennis posts (in accordance with EN1510) are made of galvanized steel and delivered with aluminum bar for net fixation with vertical bar put along the post. Mini tennis posts are 3/6/8 m long and double tennis posts are metal supports.

Tennis accessories

Tennis accessories include special steel empire chair, right lateral chair and left lateral chair.


Standard Badminton Posts

The standard badminton posts are made from 40mm square steel in white color. This includes inserted posts with ground sleeves, badminton post with counterweight 20kgs, central badminton post with 2 counterweights, counterweight fixation etc.

Badminton posts

Badminton posts for disabled players are made in accordance with EN 1509 and are made in 40mm x 1,5mm square steel with white powder coated.

Badminton accessories

Badminton accessories are badminton net, training net, net competition with stainless steel vertical bar on edges to assure the net fall straight along the post and steel badminton umpire chair.

Football Goal

Football/Soccer Goal and Accessories

The football/soccer goal (in accordance with EN 378) and accessories of Sodex have a variety of equipment. These are junior football goal, foldable football goal, football goal parts and accessories.

Junior Football Goal

Junior Football Goal is made of galvanized steel tube and white powder coat.

Foldable Football Goal

Foldable Football Goal is foldable that is made from galvanized steel tube and white powder coat.

Football Goal Parts and Accessories

Football Goal Parts and Accessories are the parts and accessories used in the process of goal net posts arrangement.

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