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Action Floor Systems LLC is a leading manufacturer of Hard Maple Flooring for sport floor surfaces such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, handball, squash and racquetball. Action has many other floor system designs that are engineered to achieve the desired floor surface performance. Action can provide Permanent "floating systems", "fixed resilient systems" or "fixed systems", and Portable systems at an array of budget options. Action Floors is a member in good standing with the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) is certified by World Squash Federation (WSF) and is also a "Study Partner" with FIBA. Action Floor carries products that are FSC Certified by "SmartWood".

For more than 20 years, Action Floor Systems has built a reputation - and established a leadership role - in providing premium permanent and portable maple hardwood sports floors. The company's success is based on two vital deliverables: the unparalleled quality of its wood, and a wide range of high-performance, engineered sub-floor systems.

Action's most observable product is its stunning, solid white-maple playing surface. Grown exclusively in America's north woods, this hardwood is the finest-grained, best grade available, valued for its distinctive light color and durability. Visitors to the Manipal Academy of Higher Learning in Karnataka, India will encounter a beautiful example of an Action maple floor installation.

Beneath the aesthetic impact of an Action sports floor is its athletic impact. The company offers a comprehensive selection of sub-floor systems designed to meet performance and safety requirements and budgets ranging from small primary schools to higher education and professional facilities.

Floor systems are available in fixed (anchored) or floating configurations, with a range of designs to meet specifications related to shock absorption, resiliency, ball rebound, and certification requirements (EN, DIN and FIBA certified systems available). An integral feature of many Action's sub-floor systems is the company's exclusive AirThrust pneumatic, natural-rubber pads. Internationally known for performance quality, AirThrust rubber pads are accredited by the World Squash Federation, and feature a unique vertical air cell design that provides an immediate cushioning response to the dynamic impact from the floor, thereby lessening the chance of athletic-related injuries. Composed of environmentally friendly natural rubber, AirThrust pads will not harden and deteriorate over time, thus ensuring consistent performance, far outperforming synthetic pads of similar size.

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The marketplace reflects a dramatically growing demand for responsibly harvested forest products and "green" business practices. Action's focus on operating at the industry's leading edge is illustrated in its commitment to setting the standard for sustainability in sports floors. Through effective stewardship of natural resources, management of raw materials, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and production of safe products, Action is ahead of the game. In fact, Action was an early player in this arena. Over the years, the company has built a sustainability model that represents the very best practices in the industry, earning recognition from the leading, independent forestry practice certification organizations: the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and SmartWood

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All of the wood Action uses come from responsibly managed forests within a short drive from the company's manufacturing facility. At the mill, lengths are cut and utilized judiciously to prevent needless waste. Action LL (long length) floors feature fewer joints than typical board lengths, thanks to finger-jointed boards averaging 88 inches (2.24 meters). This innovation is good for conservation and a money-saver due to quicker, easier installation.

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Action floors are designed for effective, ergonomic integration of all component elements and for ease of installation. The company provides highly detailed instructions, and when needed specialized training for installation crews. The end result is a floor system that functions as designed and provides many years of use and beauty. All Action floor systems are backed by the industry's best standard warranty.

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The Company has designed and supplied premium quality maple floors for projects around the world. Apart from maple floors, Action have also have quality wood floors, sports floors, hardwood floors and athletic floors available for its global clientele.

Action Aero NR Flooring System

This EN/DIN & FIBA certified anchored resilient system utilizes factory assembled panels with natural rubber pads and allows air circulation throughout the subfloor structure. The Aero NR Athletic Flooring System also allows complete movement as a system when the floor expands or contracts. This Action Aero Sports Floor Systems are highly resilient, has uniform playability and consistent shock absorption to enhance safety for athletes.

ActionExcel NR Flooring System

The Action Excel NR floor system is a true factory fabricated floating floor system and features Action’s Natural Rubber pads. The high-performance Action Excel NR Floor System is MFMA PUR Basketball certified and the factory fabricated panels ensure a quick, efficient, accurate installation. Action Excel NR is EN Certified and passes all the standards of DIN 18032 Part 2.

Action AnchorFlex LP Flooring System

This newly designed floor system utilizes a plywood panel with DR foam and anchoring thrust pins for dimensional stability and strength. This creates a floor system that is highly resilient, has uniform playability and consistent shock absorption to reduce injuries to athletes. The Anchor Flex LP Floor System is suitable for gymnasiums, multipurpose, indoor running, dance floors and aerobics.

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