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Category : Construction Consultancy

Key Products : Waterproofing, Flooring, Tile Adhesive

Krishna Colours & Constchem Pvt Ltd manufactures superior quality construction chemicals. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified. With its commitment to innovation and advanced technical know-how, Krishna Colours has been able to deliver good and consistent quality products to the builders, contractors and consultants. Krishna colours has been accredited by ISO 9001 2000 and is member of Indian concrete institute and also associated with UNICEF. The company offers world class solutions for waterproofing, flooring and supplies superior quality tile adhesive, engineering grout, protective coatings & admixtures. KRISHNA family believe in constantly upgrading their technology and services for their esteemed clients. Clients are assured to get the best of values and services for the trust they put in the company, which has increased many folds with time and experience.

Engineering Grout

The range of engineering grout available with the company is:

  • K5 STONEHARD 60 - is non shrink, high strength, free flowing and self leveling non-metallic chloride free cementitious engineering grout. Krishna manufactured engineering grout is used for general purpose grouting of dynamic load.
  • K5 ANCHORGROUT - is high strength thixotropic 2 part polyester resin engineering grout.


Waterproofing System

Krishna Colours has a range of waterproofing chemicals. Some of the waterproofing chemicals are mentioned here:


  • K 5 AQUAGUARDA - is a 2 part, pre-packed brush applied, polymer modified cementitious waterproof coating.
  • K5 WATERGUARD INS - is 2 parts pre-packed brush applied polymer modified cementitious waterproof-cum insulating coating for concrete surfaces.
  • K5 AQUAPLUG - is non-shrink, non metallic, high strength water plug and fast setting plugging compound. This waterproofing chemical is used to block running water and the seepage through concrete and masonry walls or dams.


Industrial Flooring

The company manufactures a wide range of industrial floorings.


  • K 5 STONEHARD - is ready to use single pack, hardwearing abrasion and impact resistant hardener. This flooring hardener is non-metallic, monolithic and provides smooth finish and is anti-skid. Krishna flooring hardeners are widely used for heavy duty industrial floor.
  • K SCREED EPX - is 3 pack abrasions, impact, and chemical resistant epoxy based screed for flooring. This flooring is antiskid and guarantees high performance.


Tile Adhesive

Tile adhesives from the company are offered in a variety of range:


  • JAIFIX TA STD - is single pack excellent waterproofing ceramic tile adhesive.
  • JAIFIX TG - is non-shrink, hard wearing, waterproof, flexible, decorative tile adhesive. This tile adhesive has wide application in exterior, interior and flooring tiles of up to 5mm width.


Protective Coatings & Admixtures

The protective coatings & admixtures from the company provide have proved very useful: The protective coating offered by the company is:


  • K COAT/K COAT A - is protective, decorative and anti-carbonation coating. This protective coating chemical allows surface to breathe with high degree of elasticity. The mentioned protective coating chemical is available in different colours.



Krishna range of admixtures is:



  • K CRETE SPA - is a high range water reducer cum plasticizer.
  • K CRETE SPR 14 - is a high range, water reducing retarding plasticizer.
  • K CRETE W - is chloride based accelerating plasticizer for PCC work. This admixture increases strength and accelerates setting time. These admixtures are ideal for hollow blocks, concrete bricks and pavement block manufacturing.


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